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another new year

January 2nd, 2010 at 10:53 am

today is my mama's 82nd birthday and i will need to go see her and take her the gift that is waiting to be wrapped on my dresser. a frugal gift (got at 50% off) chosen just for her. also take her the christmas gift (no i did not make it over to her place). i am procrastinating starting my bill paying for the month. cannot actually get any monies to creditors til monday?? will take the time to dress and start the day (have completed my bible study). going to see a movie with beau and son's family (hope i can use the $3 off coupons)$7 or $10 - eat before i leave-stick some butter mints in my pocket. this afternoon then go visit other son this evening ($5 towards gas $10 food). have to make grocery list and see if son will take me tomorrow. going to be a busy day. will be spending money as frugally as i can.

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