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truckin on

December 14th, 2006 at 09:15 pm

Christmas is coming too soon, yet at a much less harried pace than previous years. the bank account is empty and have no want to get any deeper in credit card debt. so far have kept to my word about "no debt/buy" Christmas celebrations (i usually pay til the following july). took the little boys to ride the Carosel at the Seattle Center, walked all around and looked the the Train and Christmas village, watched several dance numbers on stage free and bought fudge and saltwater taffy. great afternoon for the four of us--$12

christmas gifts for about 20 people
------so far $23--- $11 gloves (10 pair)
$6 yarn $6 crayons

mama 0 done
sis 0 done
dd1 2 done
dd2 2 done
dds1 1
dds2 1
gd1 1 done
gd2 1 done
gs1 1 partly
gs2 1 partly
gs3 4 done
gs4 4 done
nn1 partly
dnl1 2 done
dnl2 1 partly
snl1 0
snl2 0
frn1 0
frn2 0
frn3 0
frn4 0
cwkr 0
boss 0