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another lawyer

February 5th, 2007 at 06:56 am

i have appt with new lawyer today. $1200 retainier after i blew $3000 with the other---not very frugal am i?
well i was not happy with the guy who replaced the woman i originally chose--not very professional. so far in debt now this will barely show up:}
been doing well on the "compact" though. spent nothing on items except necesseties and of course helped L out as usual. her d got a job that starts next week so they should be better now.
this is a vacation week, need to get master bath painted and clear out some clutter in my room.
no money outlaty except brushes and primer i hope. today will re cauk the tub-remove cupboard doors and clean out shelves. taking baby steps to be sure no cash spent.
have $10.86 in bank- $$150 for food and gas'd up car saturday, should be alright til next payday. now to find more income to slow down the credit card use

2 Responses to “another lawyer”

  1. Amber Says:

    Good luk with the atorney

  2. online editing your papers Says:

    Good luck with your search! I think that it will be excited to slow down the credit card use!

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