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tweaking the budget

March 28th, 2005 at 06:37 am

got it down on paper and hung up on my bedside table. now if rd just pays his part of the car notes and we do not eat we should make it. looks like a tight april is coming up. going to do the write everything down thing this month as i have been wandering off the road lately. used the credit cards too much for kids stuff and now behind. this will be the first time if ever just paid the minimuns, but hopefully will get back on track and need to find a couple hustles this month. i did use some sense on easter though, did not do baskets as i could not afford them. gave out a couple cadbury eggs to my grown ones, the grandkids were left to their parents. have my soup and pudding in my purse for lunch, cocoa in my drawer at work for break.
going ot be a good frugal day.

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