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sunday spluge

February 22nd, 2005 at 06:42 am

spent my holiday yesterday splurging. aricka and i went to the goodwill in bellevue and seattle. president's sale, though neither one of us had thought about the day being a sale. i bought a blue(;>) and white kitty cookie jar $4.20, a small canister - colbalt blue( ;>) $.79, little blue (;>)cup and saucer $.79, five teaspoons (mine keep disapearing) $1.00, blue and white spoon rest (;>), tall green hamper for my bath (right shade too) $4.20, a shower caddy to hold soap and shampoo $1.60, two new toothbrushes (like to keep extra's for unexpected overnite guests) $.69, two heavy wooden side chairs $6.00 each as the chairs in the kitchen are getting wobbly and i want to paint these blue to go with the decor i want in the kitchen. i also seen a blue and white duvet cover i wanted to buy for kitchen curtains. i talked myself out of it. will look for fabric for curtains another time. $25.27, the money i made from washing towels, which is mine for household, not bad. spent the evening cleaning all my treasures and putting them away. not sure what i "saved", but had a good time.

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