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November 5th, 2004 at 06:34 am

what this is the fifth, five more days til payday. oh well - i will be just a broke then. in a pissy mood this a m. going to try a new recipe for mac & cheese with imitation crab i found on a frugal site tonite. sounded good last nite and i already have the stuff in freezer. made corned beef from scratch yesterday-not frugal with the price of corned beef! but with eggs and toast, sure was good and everyone was full. have to sit down and get my weekly menu together tonite so i can make a shopping list for tomorrow. stay on track for food. also get together the Christmas list, i told the kids not to buy me stuff - i want things from their hands or time. creativity. that will go for me also as with r d not working fulltime the money is tighter than usual. time to go to work

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